Modeling and Parameter Identification of an Active Anti-Vibration System

In the fields of high-resolution metrology and manufacturing, effective vibration isolation measures are required to obtain
precise and repeatable results. This is particularly true when the amplitudes of ambient vibration and the dimensions of
the investigated or manufactured structure are comparable, e.g. in sub-micron semiconductor chip production,
holographic interferometry, confocal optical imaging, and scanning probe microscopy.

In the active vibration isolation and control system examined, signals are acquired by extremely sensitive vibration detectors and the vibration is reduced using a
feedback controller to drive electrodynamic actuators. Read full article.


Suppression of Micro Vibration for Steel Frames Using a Proof Mass Actuator

Vibration sensitive equipment, e.g. Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) or Nano Lithography
Systems, has to be isolated from the noisy environment. Active vibration isolation platforms guarantee
a very small remaining vibration amplitude on their isolated top plate. These vibration isolation platforms can be
positioned directly on the concrete floor but sometimes have to be installed on a support

Due to the compensation forces of the active isolation platform the support frame has to be
as rigid as possible. Read full article.