Vibration Isolation Platforms in High Demand for Microscopy Imaging Systems

Phoenix, AZ  6 May, 2011 - Vistek Inc. experienced a 70 percent increase in sales in 2010 and Q1 of 2011 as compared to 2009. This growth is attributed to an increased interest in and acceptance of the Vistek VIP3200 series of vibration isolation platforms for high-end microscopy imaging systems.

Vibrations Control Improves Microscope Functionality

In 1625, Giovanni Faber gave the microscope its name, deriving it from Galileo, who called it “little eye.”  For centuries, it has helped us examine and identify biological processes and particulars we otherwise couldn’t see. The standard optical microscope was the first to be invented, and later came the electron and scanning microscopes. While each type of microscope has its own strengths, all of them require the support of a stable environment, which is oftentimes hard to come by in a laboratory setting.

What's Athlon got to do with it?

Athlon is the chemically resistant composite material we use to make the tops of our Vibration Isolation Tables. What's great about this

Vibration Isolation Monitoring

Vistek is now selling the Halcyonics Explorer Vibration Monitoring System. This PC-based system includes two three-axis accelerometers and an electronic interface that allows push-button parameter selection for monitoring acceleration, displacement or velocity and for proper scaling depending on the magnitude of the inputs.


Height Adjustable Tables

Vistek will be announcing height adjustable Vibration Isolation Tables later this year. Users can adjust the height of the work surface on demand by using the up or down push buttons. Actuation is by electric motors.

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