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Vibration Isolation Tables

Our Vibration Isolation Tables are used to isolate vibration from sensitive lab equipment. These tables offer a wide range of payloads making it easy to add and remove microscope accessories and equipment as necessary. The isolation is situated exactly where you need it – recessed within the table, directly beneath the instrument – leaving the rest of the table open as a work area. The isolation area can be located on the left-hand side, right-hand side, or in the center of the table.

Applied Spectral Imaging ScanView platform
Applied Spectral Imaging ScanView platform with optional Automate Tray Loader installed on a Vistek VIT2500 Vibration Isolation Table at ACL Laboratories, Rosemont, IL. The installation is on the third floor of the building close to O’Hare International Airport. Vibration isolation was a prerequisite to obtain clear imaging results from this equipment.
Our tables are rigid, elegant, and lightweight and are comprised of engineered aluminum extrusions. The tabletop is made of a chemically resistant composite material called Athlon < >. The table frame is hard black anodized for corrosion and scratch protection. The standard size for the isolation area is 14 x 25 inches. Non-standard isolation areas can be provided up to and including a 100% isolated table top. The Athlon insert is backed by a powder coated steel plate. The insert can be inverted to provide a steel work surface, if preferred. As a further option the isolation area can be supplied as an aluminum optical breadboard with either U.S. or metric dimensions.

The Series 2500 Vibration Isolation Table comes equipped with our Series 320 Vibration Isolation Bearings and is available in widths ranging from 30 to 72 inches and depths ranging from 30 to 36 inches. You may choose to add a keyboard tray, shelves, cable and power management features, monitor stand and/or casters. The tables can support payloads up to 500 pounds.

Configuring your Vibration Isolation Table is a simple, four-step process.

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