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Passive Vibration Isolation

Newport passive vibration isolation systems are mechanical as opposed to pneumatic or active and do not require air hoses or supporting hardware or software. Our passive systems are small and efficient and rely solely on the Vistek Vibration Isolation Bearing (VIB) which is a mechanical six-degree-of-freedom isolation bearing that can be scaled to support payloads from a few pounds to several thousand pounds. These bearings are passive, mechanical bearings that employ Newport's patented vibration isolation technology (US Patent No. 6,517,060, 6,520,283 and foreign patents pending (not pending-issued)).

Our passive systems are easy-to-use and work for a variety of applications including microscopes and other small lab equipment and devices. Our passive systems require no external service such as compressed air or electrical power, are maintenance-free, require no calibration and do not rely upon complicated software driven algorithms and supporting computer hardware.

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