Vibration Isolation Platforms in High Demand for Microscopy Ima

Vibration Isolation Platforms in High Demand for Microscopy Imaging Systems

Phoenix, AZ  6 May, 2011 - Vistek Inc. experienced a 70 percent increase in sales in 2010 and Q1 of 2011 as compared to 2009. This growth is attributed to an increased interest in and acceptance of the Vistek VIP3200 series of vibration isolation platforms for high-end microscopy imaging systems.

Quality image recording, retention and analysis using a microscope are important aspects of many fields, including forensic science and diagnostic medicine. Microscope image quality is oftentimes degraded by environmental vibrations present in buildings, either on a continuous basis, such as HVAC fans, or a transitory basis, such as a freight train on a nearby track.

Vistek vibration isolation platforms offer a low-cost insurance policy for equipment whose usability may be impacted by these environmental disturbances, ensuring results that produce the highest possible image quality. The increasing popularity of these passive platforms is due in part to the lack of power or air required for operation and the zero cost of ownership after purchase.
Vistek frequently adds new platform designs to its expanding library and can provide customers with the latest platform designs upon request with no additional upfront costs.

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Since 1997, Vistek Inc. has designed and manufactured highly effective vibration control products. Their patented bearings can isolate vibrations without the need for software, electricity or air compression. Vistek also offers custom-built solutions and geo-specific environmental vibration measurements to provide the most suitable vibrations isolation platforms for customers.