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Vibration Isolation Products

About Us

Since 1997, Vistek Inc. has designed and manufactured highly effective vibration control products. We developed a patented bearing which is able to isolate vibrations without needing software, electricity or air compression.

Vibrations can be very frustrating when operation precision equipment. Unfortunately, these vibrations are ever-present and caused by normal environmental factors such as HVAC equipment, freight elevators, equipment in the vicinity, highway traffic, and even footsteps across the floor.

All too often, solutions to vibration issues can be just as frustrating, but Vistek’s solutions are simple, easy, and effective. Our core expertise is a passive, mechanical vibration isolation technology that is scalable and effortlessly adapted to a myriad of applications.

Vistek has successfully developed three products using this technology:

  • Tables
  • Platforms
  • Bearings

In addition to these products, we also offer custom built solutions and measurement of environmental vibration at your location so we can offer the best vibration isolation solutions for your specific vibration challenges.

Please contact us to learn more at 602.426.1211. We’re available Monday through Friday, 8-5pm MST.